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Same Day Crowns with CEREC®

added on: July 22, 2018

The Power of CEREC® clear aligners

Time flies – especially when you are super busy. Your team at The Dental Group of Galesburg gets it. And we go out of our way to do whatever it takes to save you as much time and effort as possible. One of the ways we do this is by offering CEREC same-day crowns. And here’s something really exciting: CEREC isn’t just for dental crowns! With CEREC technology, we can create restorations ranging from inlays and onlays all the way to implant toppers – in one easy visit!

Why Patients Love CEREC

Everyday life seems to get fuller and busier. Between work, kids  and their extra extra-curricular activities, trying to eat right and exercise, and keep everything in order and organized, who has time for any extra self-care, no matter how important it is? But when it comes to your oral health, putting off the care you need just shouldn’t be an option. Neither should dental care in Galesburg be a burden! At least Dr. Cody Krech doesn’t think so.

He has invested in one of the most time-saving dental devices available today – the CEREC design and milling system.

CEREC uses 3D CAD/ CAM technology – the same precision technology that some jewelers use. It allows us to custom design, color match, craft, and place beautiful, all-ceramic crowns and other restoration in one short visit. In fact, it usually only takes about an hour!

Here are some of the primary benefits our patients really appreciate:

  • One visit for a full dental repair
  • Digital impressions instead of gooey, gaggy bite imprints
  • Just one novocain shot
  • Precision placement and fit

Restorations designed and shaded to your needs and specifications right in our office

  • No ill-fitting temporaries
  • No waiting for labs
  • No return visits

What’s more, CEREC ceramic material is more attractive, safer, and blocks bacteria much more effectively than old-fashioned metal fillings. To top it all off, we make sure your visit with is so relaxing and pampering, you’ll feel like you have had a spa day instead of a trip to the dentist.

How CEREC Works

Traditional crowns are a lot of work. First, they require multiple visits:

  • The first visit is set-up – you get an injection of Novocaine, your tooth is prepared, an impression is made, and a temporary restoration applied
  • The second visit could be weeks later, you get yet another injection, have the temporary pried off, and your permanent restoration is placed

Not only that, restorations can come back from the lab with a flaw or something that isn’t quite right. That means more waiting and even more visits! What an inconvenience!

CEREC crowns-in-a-day are completely different:

  • We use digital scanning to take a pin-sharp impression
  • Upload the impression to our advanced computer-design system
  • Design your perfect restoration, including shading, shape, and size
  • Mill your restoration from medical-grade porcelain
  • Prepare your tooth
  • Bond the restoration in place

And, voila! You have a completely repaired, natural-looking and feeling tooth in about as long as it takes to eat lunch! And if anything doesn’t seem right about the restoration, we can make a new one while you wait.

CEREC same day crowns – they’re time-saving, budget-saving, and smile-saving, all with one amazing piece of technology.

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