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Clear Braces for the Galesburg Smile of Your Dreams!

Modern Smiles – Modern Solutions

You have probably heard about Clear Aligners/Clear Aligner Treatment, the nearly invisible aligners. They really are an amazing advancement in orthodontics – and now you can get them right here in your own home town at The Dental Group of Galesburg. Dr. Cody Krech and his team are specially trained and certified to offer these, and other, innovative straightening solutions so you can smile with confidence even while you are in the treatment process!

Clear braces like Clear Aligners/Clear Aligner Treatment are a little different. A little better. A little less obvious than metal wire-and-bracket braces. In fact, they are almost invisible, shorten treatment time, and can be removed for regular oral hygiene.  Dr. Cody Krech is committed to providing the most comfortable Clear Aligners/Clear Aligner Treatment.  He uses the latest iTero scanner in our office.  A scanning wand creates a 3D digital image of your mouth that is quick and painless!

Rediscover Your Confidence – and Your Health

Crooked, overlapped, protruding – when you apply any of those words to the description of your smile, we’re pretty sure you aren’t smiling with the confidence you deserve. Even worse, crooked, misaligned teeth can cause oral hygiene and health problems such as tooth wear and other damage, pain, and even decay and gum disease. These are all the reasons we are so pleased to offer some of the most comfortable and convenient methods, including the world-renowned Clear Aligners/Clear Aligner Treatment system, to straighten and correct your smile.

Your Clear Aligner Options

Did you have braces as a kid but forgot to wear your retainer? Have your teeth moved and become gapped or overlapped as you’ve gotten older? Do you have TMJ pain and wish there was a simple solution for relief? Or do you just wish your smile was a little more even and attractive? The Dental Group of Galesburg has a solution that will fit you, your needs and your budget. We offer:

  • Clear Aligners/Clear Aligner Treatment – The Clear Aligners/Clear Aligner Treatment offers so many benefits, you’ll wonder why anyone uses metal braces anymore. Here are some of the top reasons our patients love Clear Aligners/Clear Aligner Treatment. Clear Aligners/Clear Aligner Treatment …
    • can be removed while you eat, brush, floss, or for a special occasion
    • are made of a clear, medical-grade material so they aren’t noticeable in your smile
    • are smooth and gentle on your delicate oral tissue
    • minimize the risk for periodontal infections during orthodontics
    • can offer shorter treatment times compared to metal braces

The aligners can even be used as whitening trays so that when your treatment time is over, your smile is both straight and dazzling!

  • Clear Aligners/Clear Aligner Treatment Teen – these offer all the benefits of regular clear aligners but are specially designed to fit a teen’s unique needs. Teens love that they won’t interfere in their sporting activities or come between them and their musical instruments.

Orthodontics for TMJ Treatment

If you are suffering from chronic headaches, jaw pain, or ringing ears, you may have a bite issue related to TMJ disorder. We offer a number of treatments, including bite adjustments with orthodontics. And lucky for you, most TMJ-related orthodontic treatments can be accomplished using clear aligners like Clear Aligners/Clear Aligner Treatment! To read more about TMJ disorders and treatments, check out our TMJ Disorder page.