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Galesburg Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride isn’t just for kids! Sure, your family dentist in Galesburg does always recommend that little teeth are protected with the regular application of Fluoride. But we believe adult smiles deserve that level of protection as well. Your mouth sees a lot of action – and most of it can be harmful to your enamel.


  • acidic beverages and foods like soda, juice, or sports drinks
  • clenching, grinding, nail biting, or using your teeth as tools
  • to dry mouth from medications or other causes

…your dental enamel is at risk all day and all night. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that can even become part of your own saliva. Fluoride is such a great tool because it not only protects your teeth from acid attacks, it also remineralizes the surface of your enamel. That means it can help rebuild your smile’s strength. Sometimes we are even able to reverse very early cavities with Fluoride – no drilling or filling needed!