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The Dental Group of Galesburg - Dr. Cody Krech

Keeping You in Smiles for Life

Did you know that your family dentist in Galesburg can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle? It’s true! We love to see our friends and neighbors live more mindfully, exercise regularly, watch their diets, eliminate soda and tobacco, and try to get sufficient rest. We also get excited to see preventative health screenings on the rise as people realize that they can significantly increase life expectancy with them. And most of all, we are delighted that more and more folks are understanding the deep connection between the health of their mouths and their overall health. This connection is why The Dental Group of Galesburg puts so much emphasis on preventive dental care and have invested in the advanced technology that makes that family dental care:

  • Easier
  • More comfortable, reliable, and efficient
  • Faster

Plus we are always here to listen, talk, and educate you and your family for improved outcomes and personalized results.

Care for Everyone from 1 to 100

The truth is, we do not offer any family dental care to our Galesburg patients that we wouldn’t offer to members of our very own families. We really do care about your health and wellbeing that much! We also care about your budget and your calendar and offer affordable dentistry for all ages.

Prevention is the Best Medicine

We are always saddened when patients come in for restorative dentistry or surgery that could have been prevented by regular family dental care. Regular exams and cleanings allow us to keep tooth-eroding plaque and tartar at bay, maintain strong and infection-free gums, and keep an eye out for the start of any issues. We can even look for the first signs of illness, TMJ disorder, or sleep apnea to help you stay healthier and feel better, longer.

Why not add our dental exams, cleanings, fluoride treatments, mouthguards, and sleep apnea care to your health and wellness routine today? It could keep you smiling with health and confidence for life!