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Galesburg Pediatric Dentistry

Oh, those little smiles! They just light up the entire room…and our entire lives! And who doesn’t want to make sure that those precious smiles stay as strong and healthy as possible? We know we do. We have kids of our own and know just how great it is to find a family dentist right here in Galesburg to care for every member of our family with precision, excellence, and a super-gentle touch. We also know how busy life can be and how difficult it feels when you have to run all over town from school activities to sporting events, get wellness visits scheduled, and have at least a few minutes for yourself before you drop into bed. It’s why we decided to offer excellent, comprehensive dentistry for the whole family – in one location. We start seeing little ones as early as one – or earlier if their first tooth appears before that. And we can continue seeing your family, year after year, generation after generation. But don’t worry. We never treat kids like miniature adults. We know how to keep dental visits relaxed and fun while also practicing true pediatric dentistry. To find out if our pediatric dental care is right for your Galesburg family, give us a call or schedule a consultation today.