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Galesburg Dental Hygiene

Hygiene is the more formal word we use when we are referring to dental cleanings from your family dentist in Galesburg. But that doesn’t mean our cleaning appointments are boring or clinical. Not at all. From kids to seniors, our patients actually enjoy dental hygiene appointments at The Dental Group of Galesburg.

  • First, there’s the comfort and pampering we pile on to keep you relaxed and smiling including:
    • Neck pillows, blankets, and music
    • Ultrasonic scalers
  • Then there is the amazing feeling of newly cleaned teeth and the dazzle that shows in your grin
  • But most of all, patients appreciate the way our cleanings help their smiles – and their bodies stay healthy by keeping away:
    • Plaque, tartar, and other bacterial buildups
    • Cavities and decay
    • Gum disease and other infections

And that’s more important than you may think – gum disease has been linked to major health problems from strokes and heart attacks to certain kinds of cancer.

Don’t risk it! Schedule your comfortable cleaning today!