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Galesburg Dental Technology

Dr. Cody Krech and his team are not ashamed to be called technology geeks – not at all. We’re proud of it! Especially when it means that the family dental care we offer our valued Galesburg patients is better, more accurate, more comfortable, and more predictable because of it. Every time technology is released or updated, our entire team gets excited – and our patients do too. We currently offer:

  • CEREC® same day crowns for repairs and restorations – even complex ones–designed and created for you while you wait
  • iCat 3D digital images and 3D Cone Beam computed tomography (CT) scanning to give us detailed, 3-D images of bone, dental structures, nerves, and soft tissue for ultra-precise treatment planning and implant placement
  • Digital Photography to allow us to show you problem areas of your smile, illustrate restorative options, and save images directly to our computers for your records
  • Intraoral Cameras to help us see even in the darkest recesses of your mouth. The camera projects enlarged, color images to the computer screen in real-time letting you and the doctor see exactly what is happening. Kids love it and adults find it really educational
  • Gemini Soft Tissue Lasers to…
    • Avoid referrals to the periodontist
    • Thoroughly clean gum pockets of infection
    • Sculpt gums for gum recontouring or crown lengthening
    • Perform painless frenectomies
    • Heal and reduce cold sore and lesions



Your family deserves the best – and we prove it with all the technology we invest in!