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Galesburg Dental X-rays

We may have exam superpowers, but no matter how good we may be at spotting the earliest signs and symptoms of oral or dental disease, we’ll never be able to look below the surface of your teeth and gums – unless x-ray vision is actually invented. Until then, we have to rely on dental x-rays. Chin up, though, we have the next best thing to x-ray vision – digital and panoramic x-rays.

  • Digital x-rays are such an improvement over traditional x-rays that patients rave about them all the time. Digital x-rays offer:
    • Lowered radiation exposure for your family – up to 75% less
    • Improved clarity for diagnosing and patient discussion
    • The ability to immediately store and review them on our in-room computers
    • Benefits to the environment since they don’t require any film or processing chemicals
  • Panoramic x-rays allow us to get a full image of your face, jaw, and neck to help us assess for orthodontics, check TMJ disorders, and even look at bone density while evaluating for dental implants.

If it has been a while since your last dental x-rays were taken, don’t delay. Call your family dentist in Galesburg today!