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About Us

A Galesburg Dental Office that Feels Like Home

The Dental Group of Galesburg - Dr. Cody Krech

Take a Deep Breath and Smile

Life is busy – even in a picture-perfect town like Galesburg. Our dental office is designed with busy, active, and smile-filled lifestyles in mind! Every visit with us is orchestrated to feel as much like a mini-vacation as possible with all the pampering extras you might expect from a big-city dentist. We’ve got the advanced technology of a major metropolis too!

But what really sets us apart is how patient-centered we are. Your well-being is our priority and it shows in our:

  • Fun and relaxing environment for the whole family
  • Compassionate staff
  • Saturday office hours
  • Specialists in one location
  • Co-planning and total patient involvement
  • Affordable treatments
  • Soothing atmosphere
  • Step-up extras like snacks, beverages, and entertainment

It’s clear that what makes us Galesburg’s choice for dentistry is our choice to focus every aspect of care on YOU!

Love, Laughter, and Life-Changing Dentistry

Try it. Pick up the phone and call us about our dental care in Galesburg. You’ll probably notice something different right away – our attitude! Every member of our team, from our front desk crew to our energetic young doctor is excited about what they do… and that means they are excited about you! You’ll hear it in our voices when we answer the phone. You’ll see it in our eyes when we welcome you into our cozy office. And you’ll recognize it in your own smile when you look in the mirror after an appointment. We really do love what we do and you’ll always hear plenty of laughter echoing through our halls. Who would have thought Galesburg dentistry could be so much fun?

Building Relationships – Building Smiles

Everyone at The Dental Group of Galesburg thinks relationships are important. And it’s not just because we love getting to know our friends and neighbors. It’s also because we know that a strong and trusting relationship with your dental team can empower you to:

  • Learn about and take control of your oral health
  • Make informed decisions through your entire smile journey
  • Gain a thorough understanding of how to best protect and care for your smile at home
  • Build a lasting and healthy smile from a strong foundation instead of constantly fixing things as they break

Who wouldn’t love all of this from their dentist in Galesburg? We would! It’s the kind of care we’d give our own families!