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Meet The Team

Outstanding Galesburg Dental Care from People You Know

dental team - The Dental Group of Galesburg - Dr. Cody Krech

Katherine K.
Registered Dental Hygienist

A graduate of Carl Sandburg College with post-graduate training from Heartland, Katherine chose dental hygiene as a career because of her family’s history of periodontal disease. Dedicated, sincere, and fun-loving, she is thrilled every time she puts patients on the path of health through dental hygiene and helps them learn to love their smiles. Her artistic nature is not only apparent in her at-home pursuits of ceramics, oil painting, sculpture, and gardening, but also in her skill and training with the dental laser. She is also trained in anesthesia and chemotherapy treatment. When not renewing the smiles of her patients, Katherine enjoys family life, as well as supporting and giving back to her local community.


Jaci M.
Registered Dental Hygienist

A graduate of Carl Sandburg College, Jaci had already been working in the dental industry for about four years before joining our practice. As a dental hygienist, she not only is cleaning patient’s teeth, but is also educating them on ways to better their oral and overall health. She takes pride in making a difference in people’s health, removing their fears about going to the dentist, and also making them as comfortable as possible during their cleanings and when they’re under local anesthesia. Outside of work, Jaci enjoys gardening, reading, and volunteering with the American Cancer Society. You’ll also find her watching the Chicago Cubs with her fiance, stepson, her two cats and her dog. Go cubbies!

dental team - The Dental Group of Galesburg - Dr. Cody Krech

Cristie A.
Registered Dental Assistant

“Our great team and Dr. Cody make working here wonderful,” declares this kind, compassionate, overachiever. “So does helping people maintain their smiles and stay healthy! “ A graduate of Concord Career Institute in North Hollywood, California, Cristie also has advanced training from the Illinois State Dental Society. Cristie says, “I am always looking to learn new aspects of dentistry and love providing a great experience for our patients.” In her spare time, Cristie enjoys running, reading, spending time with her family, and being outdoors. She is also a member of the Galesburg Roadrunner’s Club.

dental team - The Dental Group of Galesburg - Dr. Cody Krech

Bridget O.
Business Assistant

Dedicated, funny, friendly, and caring, Bridget jokingly boasts that she attended the “School of Marsha” for her advanced training as a business assistant. “There is such a compassionate atmosphere here,” enthuses Bridget. “Everyone makes the environment really caring – both toward patients and toward each other.” In her free time, Bridget loves spending time with her family, friends, and rescue cattle dog named Emmy.

dental team - The Dental Group of Galesburg - Dr. Cody Krech

Marsha S.
Business Assistant

Describing herself as happy, funny, faithful, and genuine, Marsha is the queen of the front desk. She has worked at The Dental Group of Galesburg for over 24 years and wouldn’t change a thing. She really enjoys getting to know patients and showing them how much they are valued. In her free time, she is active in The American Cancer society and relishes spending time with her kids, watching them race motorcycles. She also enjoys boating and riding jetskis. There couldn’t be a prouder mom.

dental team - The Dental Group of Galesburg - Dr. Cody Krech

Ace & Charlotte
Practice Pups

And of course we can’t forget our lovable practice pups, Ace and Charlotte. These playful team members can be found comforting nervous patients or just bringing a smile to our patients. Ace and Charlotte are extremely strict on cleanliness and are the first ones to help clean up any dropped food or treats.

Ace is a 10 year old Labrador Retriever. Outside of chasing ducks during hunting season, you can find Ace playing fetch, looking for ways to get a treat, or napping. Ace’s favorite thing about Dr. Cody is that Dr. Cody is his most loyal best friend.

Charlotte is a 3 year old Golden Retriever. She loves to run and can often be found with a ball in her mouth. Her favorite thing to do with Dr. Cody is to cuddle on the couch in front of the fireplace.