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Galesburg Oral Surgery

Needing to have a tooth removed through oral surgery is never anyone’s favorite thing. But when you rely on Dr. Cody Krech, your Galesburg dentist, and his team at The Dental Group of Galesburg, you can be sure the experience will be more gentle, painless, comfortable, and relaxing than you ever thought was possible. We start by talking you through the procedure, sharing all your options, and discussing the plan of action you might want to take to replace your tooth. Dr. Krech can perform any of the oral surgery you or your family needs including:

  • Minor extractions of teeth visible above the surface of your gums such as to make space for orthodontics, remove redundant teeth, or take out  compromised teeth before chemotherapy or other medical treatments
  • Major surgery to remove teeth that are severely damaged, broken below the surface of the gum, or impacted
  • Wisdom teeth extractions

If Dr. Krech discovers that your case is too complex for him to perform your oral surgery, don’t worry. Instead of sending you to an oral surgery specialist, he will bring the specialist to you, right here in our comfortable and familiar office.