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Galesburg Dentures & Partials

We always recommend dental implants to our patients because they replace both the tooth and its root. This creates a tremendously natural-feeling and functioning tooth replacement that lets you eat what you want, speak clearly, and smile with confidence. Unfortunately, dental implants aren’t a viable choice for every Galesburg dental patient. Sometimes there is simply too much bone loss for an implant to stay secure. Other times implants aren’t currently in your budget. But don’t worry. You can still replace your smile and look as natural as possible. Our custom-designed and created dentures and partials come to the rescue with:

  • A better fit
  • A more natural appearance
  • Less pinching
  • Fewer re-line appointments

…than denture-mill dentures.

That’s because we take everything about you into consideration when creating your dentures. From your personality to your lifestyle, all aspects of what makes you unique are taken into consideration during the creation of our full and partial dentures.

If you do still have adequate bone structure to support implant posts but you are worried that dental implants won’t work because of the number of teeth missing, ask us about our implant-retained partials and dentures. Implant-retained dentures and partials:

  • Are far more secure than traditional dentures
  • Require no adhesive for retention
  • Let you live life as fully and normally as possible

It’s the least your favorite Galesburg dentist can do for you!