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Galesburg Composite Bonding

Composite bonding is the affordable, convenient way to repair and beautify almost any tooth. While porcelain veneers or crowns are our go-to treatment for more extensive repair and beautification work, dental bonding can help you achieve perfection in one easy visit. Cosmetic bonding can do all kinds of transformative things for your smile like:

  • Mend minor chips and cracks
  • Cover sensitive and unattractive root exposure
  • Disguise intrinsic stains
  • Smooth jagged or uneven teeth
  • Reshape malformed or damaged teeth when a crown is not necessary
  • Smooth away irritating roughness
  • Fill cavities so beautifully no one will ever notice

Cosmetic bonding is completed by your Galesburg cosmetic dentist on the spot, in one visit, with no waiting for impressions or lab delays. Because of that, it is important to turn to a dentist with an experienced touch, steady hand, and artistic eye – and Dr. Krech has all that in spades! You can be sure that when your cosmetic dental bonding is completed, your teeth will look perfect, your smile will feel strong and balanced, and your confidence will be restored!