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Galesburg Porcelain Veneers

Crooked. Gapped. Worn down. Irregular. Stained. Broken. Weak…whatever is disappointing or embarrassing about your teeth can be completely reversed with the magic of porcelain veneers. Dental veneers from Dr. Krech, your cosmetic dentist in Galesburg, are the premier choice of discerning patients to correct, cover, strengthen, and perfect teeth so they look flawless – or with just the kind of character you may desire. Made of pure, dental-grade porcelain, our veneers are bonded to your teeth to create a brand new surface. Each veneer is custom made for you so it fits your needs and your personality.

As with any restorative or cosmetic dental procedure, we begin with an in depth conversation about your hopes and desires for your smile. We are not here to simply inform you about your options, but to bring you in to the process as a co-creator of your treatment plan. Once we are all comfortable with the plan and the timeline for completion, we begin the actual process. This involves preparing your teeth to make room for the veneers, taking impressions, placing temporary restorations, and sending the impressions to one of our world-class labs. When each of your beautiful porcelain dental veneers are created, we will bring you back in for the final fitting and placement. You’ll leave with a stronger, more beautiful smile and more confidence than you ever thought possible.