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Galesburg Full-Mouth Restoration

As we have said before, cosmetic dentistry isn’t only about making your smile beautiful. While that certainly is important to Dr. Krech, making sure your smile is healthy, strong, and lasting – from top to bottom – is just as important. If you are struggling with a combination of aesthetic, structural, and oral-health issues, our full-mouth restoration treatments may be just what you have been wishing for.

Full-mouth restorations are always tailored just to you and act more like a comprehensive treatment plan than a single treatment. In fact, full-mouth restorations consist of anything necessary – from cleanings and cavity repair to dental implants and veneers – to get your smile strong, healthy, balanced, and beautiful. If we find any signs of gum disease or decay, we will start by addressing those issues. We then move on to correcting TMJ disorder, if necessary, to ensure you don’t destroy your cosmetic restorations. We may recommend orthodontics or tooth replacements like dental implants.  Once all the foundational work is done, we finish your smile with the cosmetic designs we co-created which may include the use of bonding, tooth or gum recontouring, and whitening. Once completed, your smile will feel amazing, function the way nature intended, and look exactly the way you always dreamed your smile could look.